Thursday, November 7, 2013

5 Days and Counting!!

So I'm freaking out, but I'm doing it with excitement! Can't wait to share this book with you and hope it brings tons and tons of laughs!
I knew for a fact that his friendship was a gift I was meant to have. There was an easy air between us, a perfect medium for conducting the electricity of our personalities.
In other words, we just clicked. His tats the perfect answer for my tits.
No pun intended.

<3 :)


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  2. I can only tell you that I have proof that I did not steal this work. I'm so sorry that your friend feels that way. I would be happy to provide proof should I be afforded the opportunity. Thanks.

  3. It's 520am and I just finished your book and it was effing amazing!! Thank you for taking me on a fantastic journey. Love KA! I am a Tatum Jackson fangirl so this is especially sweet! Don't let anyone put you down you wrote a great book that I woke up hours early to read before my son's get out of bed so know that I will have a chuckle and a smile and you put it there today..thank you!! A Knoxville girl

  4. I also read your book and thought it was a great read. Also love KA and she does write about the Alpha Male we all want - I loved Hales journey to find her own. Don't worry about the cattiness of others - you can only control your own journey. Off to check out your other books! :)

  5. Thank you, ladies for your kind comments! I'm so glad you enjoyed A is for Alpha Male! I can't thank you enough for your support! <3 xo