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A is for Alpha Male Synopsis:

I’m Haley Whitfield, and I recently had the ingenious idea to enlist my mother, Allison, as my kick*ss sidekick and set out on a road trip.

This road trip wasn’t to be just any road trip, but a very special one indeed. An adventure with an acutely specific purpose-- to find our other halves. The peanut butter to our jelly. The i to our Phone. The stripper to our pole.

If our romantic desires were a personal ad, they would read something like this.

** Two sassy women (Ages twenty-seven and forty-nine respectively--Ouch. Okay, ages twenty-seven and thirty--with nineteen years experience-- respectively) seeking Alpha Males to love us with zeal and kiss us with skill. Gorgeous face and sexy, tattooed, hard body a must. If you aren’t a dangerous bad*ss with the x-rated skills and virility to match, don’t bother. Must be willing to protect us from danger, value our quirkiness, and keep your mouth shut when said quirkiness is what leads to said danger. Momma’s boys named Dan Smith need not apply.**

I know. It’s a bit wordy. In fact, it would probably cost a fortune. Luckily, we’re not ready for the personal ad. We’re not that desperate...yet.

This is my story.

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***This is a scene from Impossible in Coleman's POV --use caution if you have not yet read Impossible***

**Contains explicit language**

Coleman Meets Roni

I held the door for CJ as he stepped inside, and then stepped in myself, letting the door swing shut behind me.
Letting my eyes adjust from the outside to the dimmer light of indoors, I let CJ step up to the hostess stand to ask Lily, a quiet little blonde who’d been working here for years, to get us a booth ready.
My eyes were different colors, but both light in shade, and had always been extra sensitive to sunlight.
Lily smiled shyly and motioned for us to follow her, a little something extra thrown into her smile for CJ.
He, of course, paid it no mind. As much attention as he got from the girls, he never really did anything with it. We were alike in a lot of ways, but my son was no playboy.
CJ intended to find one woman, hook her deep, and then treat her like royalty until the day he died. Perhaps it was a result of my history, or the unsavory truth of his mother, but CJ knew exactly what he wanted. Lily was a sweet girl, but she wasn’t The One.
He may be my son, but in a lot of ways he was more mature than I was, and I respected the hell out of him for the man he already was at the age of fifteen.
As I rounded the corner to the line of booths along the back, I noticed a woman sitting at a booth alone, her head down with long brown hair falling in a curtain of secrecy around her face. At the same time, I felt CJ’s body freeze in front of me as Lily placed our menus on the table directly across of her.
For some reason, I needed to see her face. Willing her to look up, I focused all of my energy in her direction, but all of it was for naught.
CJ directed his attention at the same table, his thoughts completely separate from mine, but somehow on the same wavelength nonetheless, and questioned, “Roni?”
Her little body was tight, and I wondered if this was a coy game she was playing. Waiting for us to notice her, and then reacting with surprised delight.
However, when her hair cleared her face, the look on it looked nothing like relief, but instead, like I had just run over her favorite puppy.
Regardless of the crushed look, her face was remarkable. Fresh and makeup-less, but incredible all the same. Vivid green eyes that pierced right through me sat above a perfectly proportional nose, and her lips were soft, lush, and just the right color of pink.
“Hey CJ,” she said in a forced casual voice, bringing my attention back from her physical attributes.
“I’ll be damned. Didn’t know that I’d ever see you again,” CJ murmured, his voice one of excitement and genuine affection.
It was only then that I realized this was the woman he had told me about. The one he had changed a tire for despite her sour disposition and general snarkiness.
Her hands were still clenched into fists under the table, but she plastered a fake smile on her face when she said, “Yeah, well, I go where the-”
“Action is. Yeah, I know,” CJ cut her off.
I bit my lip to keep the smile off of my face at his attitude. Her abrupt closing last time had seriously pissed him off, especially the part where she had ripped her door out of his hand.
Shifting my eyes back up her face to her eyes, I noticed an angry line of stitches in her forehead, and gave it absolutely no thought before stepping into her space and asking, “What happened to your head?”
It looked fresh, like she had gotten it within the last day or so, but I had to ask. “She have that when you met her?” I questioned, looking over my shoulder directly at my son.
CJ shook his head and answered immediately, “No, sir.”
Squatting down so that I could really inspect it, I caught her scent, fresh and flowery but completely natural in its intensity, and couldn’t stop from crossing the line as far as personal space was concerned. Lifting my hand to her soft face, I ran my thumb gently along the line of stitches counting them silently as I went.
At first she settled into it, her eyes locked onto my face, but it didn’t last long.
Suddenly, she jerked back and transformed her features into a scowl.
It was clearly a facial expression she had perfected, but it still did nothing to dissuade me.
“Excuse me!” she snapped, deciding the scowl alone wasn’t enough of a deterrent.
She was right, of course, but the “Excuse me” wasn’t going to stop me either.
Still, women were a little bit like animals. You couldn’t corner them too quickly when they were frightened, so I backed off just a little, and I did it slowly. “Sorry, Roni.”
She looked momentarily mystified, and I didn’t have to wait long for her to give it a voice. “How do you know my name?”
She was too cute, and I felt my mouth lift into a smirk in response.
“Well, for one thing, CJ just said it,” I explained.
I waited patiently for the attitude, and she didn’t disappoint. When I left the rest of my point hanging in the air she prompted, “And?”
“And he’s mentioned you.”
She jerked her head back almost violently before spearing CJ with a look so fierce I was sure she would follow it up with some physical retribution.
She was a feisty little thing, and I had to bite my lip to keep from chuckling as CJ, smart boy that he was, raised his hands defensively and steered the focus of the conversation back toward me.
“You probably already guessed, but this is my dad. Coleman Cade. The original.”
Her pretty pink lips separated and her t-shirt clad chest heaved with the effort it took to try to be civil. This woman really didn’t like us in her business, and I was finding it really fucking enjoyable.
“Nice to meet you, Coleman,” she said.
The sound of my given name falling from her extraordinary mouth was one of the best things I had ever heard. Even better than hearing the sound of the buzzer from a spot still securely on top of my bull.
I was completely focused on her face, and maybe, if I was honest, a little bit south of there, so when she snapped, “And what exactly is so amusing about that, boys,” it was my first clue that CJ had found the whole Coleman thing entertaining too.
CJ had a tendency to blab right away, but for some reason, I wanted her to keep calling me Coleman. Everyone called me Cade, and it was no big deal. I’d even go so far as to say I liked it. But not her. I didn’t want her calling me Cade.
Moving quickly, I raised my hand briefly and just barely shook my head in the negative to tell CJ not to say anything. He picked up on my cue immediately, so I took over. “Absolutely nothin’, Roni. The pleasure is all mine.”
She didn’t like being left out of the loop. It was in the tense set of her body and the fire in her eyes.
She was something else.
Something special.
A fighter. I wondered what had happened to create this kind of woman.
“Yeah, well. As much as I love bringing you pleasure-” she started, but quickly stopped. It was obvious that she immediately recognized her mistake, her words a glaring invitation for innuendo, so I just bit my lip and smirked instead of making one of my usual comments.
God, I had so many. Oh well, I’d use them later.
When she was sure I was going to keep my mouth shut, she finished her sentence, stating, “I need to eat and then get on the road. So, nice to meet you.”
Neither of us moved a muscle. For me, I was fascinated, and if I had to guess, I’d say CJ was the same.
Clearly done with us, and I mean done in the sense that she’d be happy if she never saw us again, she snapped out a “Bye” that was more of a demand than a suggestion.
So much fire in such a little package.
And just like that, it hit me.
She was a Banty rooster.
I really liked the idea of having such a pretty little Banty rooster all to myself.

Coleman, Roni, & Debbie

Jenelle brought out our meatloaf sandwiches and sweet tea, and for the most part, we talked about the practice we had gone to this morning. We both obviously had thoughts to share about the little pistol at the table next door, but we weren’t going to talk to about her while she sat there.
CJ was excited and talking about the bull he had ridden that morning, FlameThrower. “He dropped me into my hand so fast, I’ve never felt anything like it.”
I nodded and smiled a wide smile of my own. Hearing him talk about something with such passion an excitement was one of the many blessings of having him as my kid.
“I don’t know, Dad. There’s just something about a rank bull like that,” CJ continued, his eyes alight with remembered adrenaline.
Thinking of the woman next to us, my smile broadened as I agreed, “The rank ones are special. It’s the challenge that makes it fun.”
Taking it a step further, I leaned forward just slightly, lowered my voice a notch deeper, and continued, “Finding the right woman is a lot like ridin’ a bull. You’ll know in a little over eight seconds whether they’re worth a second ride or not. And, as you know, the best ones usually buck you off a few times before givin’ you the ride of your life.”
CJ’s eyes flashed, and I knew he understood me perfectly. The feel of a bull underneath you who’s your match in every way. Who fights you with everything they have, even bests you a few times, but in the end, you ride that bull, and the reward that comes with it is just that much sweeter.
They have a fighter’s spirit.
Roni jumped up rather suddenly, threw some money on the table, and took off with one destination in mind- “the hell out of here”.
CJ saw it at the same time that I did and reached a hand out for hers as she walked by.
A bold move, and a sure sign that my son had some real balls.
She was going to be pissed.
Confirming my thoughts, she forcibly removed her hand from his and shot him one of her  nastiest glares.
CJ stood strong in the face of her fury, though, telling her, “I’m ridin’ tomorrow in the local rodeo. If you’re gonna be around, you should come check it out.”
It seemed like she didn’t know what to do with his invitation at first, but then she cast her eyes toward me, her nerves manifested clearly in their green depths.
Ah, so she was more scared of me than him.
Okay, no problem. She could get to know CJ first. Maybe it would ease her into me, as I would no doubt be a little more aggressive.
Besides, I wasn’t going to be there anyway. Letting her off the hook I told her, “I won’t be there. Gotta be in Denver.”
Un-fucking-fortunately. I hated missing all of CJ’s rodeos. 
She didn’t say anything for a minute, the look on her face that of someone trying to work out some complex mathematical equation in their head.
We both kept out eyes on her, the intensity of our stares pretty damn near palpable in the air.
“I don’t know, CJ. I doubt I’ll be in the area,” she said with forced casualness.
CJ didn’t hide his disappointment, and I felt my chest get tight.
Jesus, sometimes I hated my lifestyle. Especially what it meant for my son.
A few awkward seconds passed before, out of nowhere, Roni cleared her throat and completely changed her mind. “I’ll try to be there.”
Holy Fuck. Really?
CJ’s face lit up accordingly, and I realized I was going to have to brace him for the possibility that she may not show up.
By the sick look on her face, I’d say the very good possibility.
Her body took on the lines of a person ready to make flight, so I threw out a goodbye while I still had time.
“Be careful out there, Roni.”
I wasn’t sure when I would see her again.
And that was a real fucking shame.
Her body locked up and took on its most defensive position. I had apparently touched a nerve.
“How do you even know what I do or that I need to be careful?” she asked in a carefully callous voice.
The intensity of her anger took me a little off guard, and my own anger made a small appearance at the provocation. “I actually don’t have a clue what you do, not that I wouldn’t like to know. But I do know you’ve got a gash on your fuckin’ forehead, so there’s obviously somethin’ out there you should be careful of.”
She sighed deep and heavy, the picture of a woman put out, and informed me, “I’m a storm chaser. And the gash is because I found myself in a bad spot, and I wasn’t the only one. An unprecedented moment of kindness came over me, and I went back to save an asshole. Debris got me in the head. End of story.”
I found every bit of that news interesting, but kept my response simple and teasing. “That wasn’t so hard, was it?”
I watched as she rolled her eyes a little and then huffed,  “God, you’re annoying.”
And she was fascinating to watch.
I smiled big and muttered, “Worse things I could be, I suppose.”
She was done, flicked her hand in a effortless wave, and grumbled, “Later.”
CJ said, “Bye, Roni,” at the same time that I murmured, “Lookin’ forward to next time, Banty baby.”
I knew that was going to get to her, not knowing what I was talking about, but that was the point. I wanted her curious about me.
“Assholes,” she muttered quickly under her breath, which quite frankly, was pretty predicable behavior.
CJ and I burst into laughter at the same time, and I knew he understood my Banty rooster reference. He had probably been thinking the same thing.
She turned and took off like lightening, practically running over anyone in her way, and I realized I had to go after her. I wanted her curious, maybe a little mad, but I didn’t want her embarrassed or upset.
Muttering a quick, “Be right back,” to CJ, I slid out of the booth and took off after her.
Turns out the woman could really move, and I only caught up to her right at the door of her Tahoe.
I reached out for her hip to get her attention, and she spun around in fight mode. I had startled her, and there was a good chance she was going to kick my ass.
Well, try to kick my ass.
I gave her my eyes, settled my hand back on her hip, and said only her name, trying to give her a little time to catch her breath and calm down.
Clearly impatient, she widened her eyes at me, a prompt that meant I should spit it out.
Speaking gently and with as much softness as I could muster, I told her, “We didn’t mean to upset you. The way you ran outta there, I figured we did just that. I just couldn’t let you leave thinkin’ we were laughin’ at you.”
She tried to cover, stating, “I’m fine. I’m just on a schedule, and I needed to get out of there. I had been trying to say bye for a few minutes. It came time to just leave.”
She was full of shit, and we both knew it, so I lifted one eyebrow and said, “Roni.”
Sagging her shoulders in defeat, she gave in. “Alright, fine. I was tired of being laughed at. And you weren’t making any sense anyway, so I left.”
“Just because I wasn’t makin’ sense to you, doesn’t mean I wasn’t makin’ sense,” I explained.
That just served to piss her off more.
“Didn’t you come out here to apologize? Because coming out here and making me feel like an idiot is a real shitty way to go about it.”
Conceding that I wasn’t really helping, I murmured, “Point taken, Banty baby.”
“See? That. Right there. What the hell are you calling me?” she asked.
Smirking and putting the smallest of pressures into my fingertips at her hip, I explained, “You’re like a Banty Rooster, sweetheart. Tiny little thing, but you don’t hesitate to puff out your chest, lookin’ for a fight.”
Clenching her teeth into a fake smile, she said, “Great.”
“I like it,” I told her, and I did. I liked the fight in her and the mental acuity it brought with it.
“Why on earth would you like me being a bitch to you?” she asked, her voice laced heavily with disbelief.
I told her the truth.
“Because you’re only a bitch in the cute way, and even that seems like it’s not genuine. Not to mention, it’s not the normal reaction I’m used to, and it’s refreshing.”
At that moment, Debbie, a previous lay I couldn’t seem to get rid of, pulled into the parking lot in her convertible. I could sense her sauntering up to us, but I kept my eyes locked on Roni.
“Cade, baby. I didn’t know you were in town. You should have called me,” Debbie said in her most seductive voice. At least, what she thought was her most seductive voice.
Fuck. Fucking Debbie. This was definitely not good.
Hoping to end this swiftly, I turned my head to Debbie but kept my body pressed in tight to Roni’s space. “I haven’t been in town long, Debbie. Spendin’ my time with CJ before I gotta take off again.”
Debbie, of course, never gave up easily, especially when there was another woman around to play with, so she stepped up into me, pressing her tits into my arm. She had nice tits, but the rest of her wasn’t worth the effort.
“That’s a real shame, handsome. We’ve had such a good time in the past, and I was really looking forward to giving you some good, new memories,” she said to me, but as a method to take a jab directly at Roni.
I turned to Roni just in time to see her eyes narrow and the Rooster come out.
“Awww, that’s sad Debbie. But clearly-” Roni said, reaching down and lacing our fingers together at her hip, and then finishing, “-he’s fucking busy.”
Holy Fuck. That was hilarious, and I had to bite my lip to stop from laughing. At the same time, it was so hot that I had to fight to stop myself from getting hard.
Debbie was pissed, but she left and went into the The Dip and Shake, which was what I wanted.
Unable to stop myself from teasing her about the turn of events, I murmured, “Well, well, well. That sure was interesting, Banty baby.”
“Whatever, Cade,” she snapped in response.
Obviously, she had figured out the name thing.
“What? So I like the way my given name sounds comin’ out of your mouth. Sue me. I figured once somebody told you, you’d call me Cade just like everybody else. I wanted to enjoy it while it lasted,” I defended.
She paused for a few brief seconds, and then spoke with purpose. “Goodbye...Cade.”
Apparently, the purpose had been to show me that she didn’t care what I wanted her to call me.
Because she wasn’t going to be calling me anything.
She practically pushed me out of the way, climbed in her Tahoe, backed out, and drove away.
And from the looks of it, I’d say she never looked back.