Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Teaser Tuesday!!

How about the Prologue for A is for Alpha Male?

(Subject to Revision)

“Don’t be such a butthead, Hunt!” I screamed as he ran away from my pint-sized fists of fury.
Pulling my long reddish-brown hair down from my ponytail and slipping my hair tie onto my wrist, I sighed a huff of disgruntlement and toed the sandy dirt with my Keds tennis shoe. I wanted to ride a four-wheeler. But now that I wasn’t, there was no need to have my hair up anymore.
Muttering to myself, I grumbled, “He never lets me do anything. Stupid, stupidhead.”
Boy-like fingers tugged on a strand of my hair from behind me, forcing me to turn around.
“He’s just protecting you,” the boy-next-door told me.
That was probably true. Hunter was protective. He was always protective. Ugh.
But I wanted to do the same things my brother and his stupid friends did. I was just as tough. It shouldn’t matter that I was a girl.
“Oh yeah? What do you know anyway, Jerkface?” I griped.
Ryan Parker just smiled, shook his eight year old head, and mumbled with unconcealed wonder, “Where does a six year old little girl learn so many insults?”
I chose not to dignify him with a real answer, stuck my tongue out, and then skulked away, back to the house to see what havoc I could wreak on my sweet mother.
“Boys are so dumb,” I announced on a shout as soon as I entered the house.
I could hear my mom’s light laughter as she made herself visible by stepping out of the laundry room, the towel she was folding still in her hands.
“One day, sweetheart, I guarantee that you will confirm that thought to be true. But, believe me, you won’t care.” She paused, her pupils lifted diagonally in their oval shaped habitats as if recalling a memory, and then shared again, “No. Dumb or not, you’re still going to want one.” As I approached her she crouched down so that she was on my level, lifted a soft palm to my face, and spoke with muted exuberance. “One that makes your heart race with anticipation, your skin tingle with awareness, and your veins sing with excitement. One that accepts you for who you are and brings out the best in you.”
The fingers of her slim hand tensed, and then she told me the most important quality of all. “One that shows you the kind of love you never dreamed existed.”


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